Friday, 13 April 2012

new blog, new start

Everybody reading this will either have come here from Twitter, or you'll know me IRL. I have blogged before, and will continue to write over there when I feel like it (go here for that blog).

In truth, I'm a little tired of writing on a blog that's tied in with 'my old life' quite as much as that one is. I initially created my old blog because somebody from the Wakefield Express told my mum that while they couldn't take on anybody under 18 for work experience (ended up in a terrible primary school instead), I should start a blog. I debated over it for a long time and then gave in and started one. I think my first post was about friends. Typical of me, really.

And then I felt like I had to fit into some sort of blogging 'community', and it just didn't work. I only carried on writing because I enjoyed writing...until I didn't. I will still occasionally post over at my old blog - it's more of a record of how crappy life's been for the past few years than anything else - but I have 47 days until I leave college and enter the big, wide world of university, employment and debt (fun stuff, right?) and it's time to move away from all of the dramas of the past. 

This is also a bit of an incentive to keep up with my goal of being 'more positive', and it would be quite nice to have a record of it too.  

So, positive things this week...

1) Rhod Gilbert @ Leeds Town Hall with Danny and Fern. I remain firm in my belief that laughter is the best therapy a person can have, and there was a wonderful underlying message to the show - the whole thing was based around the idea of him overcoming his stresses and 'issues' - that added to this belief. And, of course, meeting him afterwards was pretty awesome (and nobody is seeing the first photo where we both have our eyes closed).

2) Coffee with Eliza this afternoon. We went and got a Starbucks (caramel macchiato - grande for me and venti for Eliza) and I laughed about the fact that they now ask "have you got a first name?" No, barista, I don't have a first name. Looks like you're going to have to invent one to scrawl on my cup. Sorry... We took our coffees and sat in the park reminiscing about school and amusing moments (nothing beats our head of year telling a girl she 'looks like she's been applying it [make-up] with a trowel'). 

3) Driving alone. Nothing beats going for a lone drive somewhere on an evening to refresh your head. I went to pick my mum up from work and enjoyed a peaceful drive singing old choir songs and Canciones de Amor by Julieta Venegas.

That's about it for today, don't forget to comment/follow :)

R x

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