Monday, 23 April 2012

jess is a hard egg

It's true. She told me and everything. 

In other news:

You must experience the rain before you can experience the rainbow, and all that. Sunday was weird, I spent my afternoon at my grandma's house listening to stories and having a general moan with her and my cousins Amy and George. I'm in some sort of routine at the moment where every Sunday is being spent working at her house, but it seems to work in terms of getting things done.

Sunday evening, unfortunately, was pretty bleak. But, I'm pleased to report that I technically got through a whole week without being sad or pessimistic before Sunday evening's nervous breakdown over the prospect of having to catch a bus. The fact that I got through a whole week without anything bad happening is pretty damn incredible, because I don't recall the last time I got through a whole day without wanting to cry, let alone a whole week. So, overall I'm encouraged, but I clearly need to work on my phobia of college buses.

Today was an odd day too. I tweeted at 09:11am that I wanted to hit somebody, which probably gives you a reasonable idea of how the morning was going. I just cannot deal with people who willingly do absolutely nothing for weeks and months on end, and then moan at me about the fact that they're behind. Fair enough if your problems are genuine - i.e. your work disappears into your computer and nobody in the whole entire world can find it - but if they're caused purely by your own laziness, it's not acceptable to take it all out on me at 09:11am. Just get on with it and shut up, because I cannot stick you in a time machine and send you back to January so that you can not make a crappy decision.

I spent P3 (formerly English, but I've been signed off now) sitting on a bench with Chloe discussing similar issues. Thankfully, I didn't feel the need to hit her at any point during our conversation, and the morning improved considerably following our joint rant about certain things that wind us up.

P4 was spent 'camping out' in Judith's room with Hayley and Sophie because AS Spanish were in the lab. We also spent the hour ranting. But enough said about ranting now.

It threw it down after lunch - Jess and I sat in the Amnesty office while I cleared out some boxes and tidied my desk (hey, guess what, we can see it now!) and ran between the office and the LRC to recycle (being good citizens and all) the unwanted paper I gathered together. Jess quotes included:
"I'm going to sing, you know" followed by singing as we walked across to the LRC
"I don't cry me, I'm a hard egg"
Nice one, Jess ;) Nuts and eggs, same difference...

So, is there a point to any of this or am I just rambling on? Both, but the point is that this morning was just rubbish and anger-filled, and this afternoon was lovely and funny. Rain, then the rainbow. I wonder if we could get "you are my rainbow, my only rainbow..." to catch on?

Song of the day is Josh Groban's Awake, purely because it's perfection in song form. 



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