Friday, 20 April 2012

in these words i hide

Nothing much to report today. I had a late start and so got into college for the beginning of workshop, where I handed in my coursework, revised for Psychology and showed the lab guys Eurovision videos. After break, it was Psychology, where I did terribly on the test, and I'm already dreading the result. But, moving on...

Jess and I stayed in Lisa's room over lunch to revise, then we went up to the lab where I should've had my Spanish speaking but I was allowed to miss it and do some more research seen as I can't talk all that well this week. 

Last period was English, where I finished my coursework (hallelujah!) and spent most of the lesson sitting in the LRC doing nothing worth discussing, except for a conversation with Jeff about my EP.

So, not a terrible end to the week, but rather an underwhelming one. Except for that awful test (that was on the one bit I hadn't physically had time to revise, grrrr), quite a good week. In fact, as I drove out of the park this afternoon, I thought to myself about how I've actually managed to get through a whole week (while ill, I might add) without feeling sad or upset about anything. I'm actually quite proud of that fact, as if you know me well, you'll know that this is a rare, if not near-impossible, occurrance.  

The sky also looked abnormally pretty when I came upstairs this evening, so here's an Instagram photo that I took through my bedroom window. 

Two songs of the day - one is very appropriate considering the day (and no, it's not Rebecca Black) and one is one I showed my friends in the lab. Enjoy :)


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