Tuesday, 17 April 2012

it's been a weird day

Good news! Jess and I went back to Starbucks today and the barista opted for the slightly less irritating ''can I take your name, please?'' (instead of last week's ''do you have a first name?''). Unfortunately, she also spelt my name 'Racheal', which isn't even the common alternative spelling of 'Rachael'... It also rained (a lot) and we ended up sitting in a car park reminiscing about Poland - it rained a lot in Poland, so we almost always ended up in Coffee Heaven where I discovered my love for a good caramel macchiato - and discussing the fact that I know how to write my name using the Hebrew alphabet. PS: Jess is now blogging and can be found here.

Spanish after lunch confused me. The civil war just makes no sense. Sigh. Moving on...

I had my Extended Project presentation last period. I've been ill for a couple of days and so I was quite lucky to just manage to talk all the way through it. Sophie did tell me afterwards ''your voice went so it sounded like you were about to cry'', though. Hmm. Nice. I'm sure it only added to the dullness of language preservation in Europe.

On the way home, Fern, Eliza and I followed a council van that was a) driving considerably slower than the 40mph speed limit for the road, b) driving half in the road and half in the cycle lane, and c) swerving more than it was going straight. Eliza concluded that the driver was probably drunk, which I agreed could probably explain it. It eventually turned off, though I imagine the driver is now just driving around with no idea where he/she is. 

And now, I'm about to fall asleep at my laptop, so it's probably a good time to sign off. Happy Tuesday.

R x

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