Monday, 30 April 2012

catching up

I'm ill, which seems to be a continuing factor in my life at the moment as I have what I can only describe as the world's longest lasting cold. I'm now three weeks in and today I almost lost my voice. Brilliant. Luckily, today's sick day consisted of me listening to lots of radio and sleeping, and I apparently missed nothing other than a 'fight' in Spanish. 

Unfortunately, the whole 'being ill' thing was not helped by attempting to camp for Cory's 18th on Saturday. I was alright and then all of a sudden I was just absolutely freezing and couldn't warm up. There's nothing more ridiculous than having to be picked up at 3:30am because you're shivering so much you're moving about in the tent. Oh dear... Sorry about all of that, Sophie!

Prior to the illness taking hold, however, it was a fantastic night of watching Sophie fall over and myself and Fern being told odd stories about toilets and gardens while in a queue (thanks for that, Sam, it wasn't disgusting at all...)

Luckily, I didn't feel too bad on Sunday. In fact, I even decided I was well enough to do some extra Spanish Civil War revision, which is clearly mental of me if you know me at all. Unfortunately, that enthusiasm didn't extend into today - although I did do a little this afternoon in between sleeping and sneezing. Bad times. I was also particularly irritated at having to stay at home today because I was supposed to be collecting something from someone, and I've had no way of contacting them to explain why I never turned up. There should be laws against life allowing you to be stressed when you're ill...

Prior to all of that - yet another photo of sky. I've found myself becoming somewhat addicted to taking photos of the sky at night or at sunset. 

Today's song of the day was going to be Tom Basden's 'Courage', however embedding is apparently disabled for that video, so here's 'Honesty' instead and a link to Courage. Both are from series two of Mark Watson Makes the World Substantially Better. Enjoy!


Tom Basden - Courage (From 'Mark Watson Makes the World Substantially Better' S2)



  1. Hey Rachel,

    I really liked this blog post. I can't explain why. I just do.


    1. Thanks - I forced myself to write it because I hadn't written in a while, so I'm glad you liked it :)