Wednesday, 30 May 2012

can't turn back time

I left college today. 

It's been the weirdest and most difficult two years of my life so far, and unlike when I left school and there was a huge metaphorical hole inside of me where school had been, I am glad that as I write this I feel content.

I'll write more when I'm having half-decent thoughts. At the moment, my head is a little jumbled and I think I need time to process the past few days. So, instead of random babbling, here are some cute photos of people I love

Lab Party: Billie, Matt, Wallis, Jess, Cory, Liz, Sam, Laura, Me, Ester, Hayley, Ryan, Sophie, Abbie and Beckie

A2 Spanish: Ryan, James, Chloe, Antonia, Cory, Ester, Me, Libby and Matt (and Frank...)

Leavers' Meal Thingy: Wallis, Laura, Cory, Sam, Billie, Sophie, Antonia and Me

SOTD is Måns Zelmerlöw - Impossible, chosen mainly because Sophie requested that I played it while driving her home :)

Thanks for the past two years, guys <3


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