Sunday, 20 May 2012

weekend catch-up

Not much to report on my actual weekend. Yesterday was spent hunting down a prom dress (blergh, Jess and Chloe you'll know why this wasn't an entirely pleasant experience) and just generally shopping, and today was spent doing much the same.

However, I logged on this afternoon and was scrolling through my Blogger dashboard when I found this post by Jess, containing her 'first ever vlog' (seen as her video is unlisted I'll just link to her blog post and you can do the rest of the work yourself). I then checked my emails and had one telling me that Danny had subscribed to me on YouTube. Well, it seems that Danny has also taken the plunge and made a vlog. Exciting times!

So, that's literally it for this weekend, unless anybody wants to know what I bought... or shall I save that for a vlog next week? Let me know please!

SOTD is Joshua Radin 'Underwater'.


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