Monday, 28 May 2012

this moment will be over

What a lovely weekend. Firstly, the weekend started with Chloe's 18th on Friday night. Danny and I attempted to make a happy birthday vlog, judge for yourselves how that went...

And then Saturday, which was both the Eurovision final and the Leeds Food Festival.

I was more than a little excited that night. Grattis Loreen! I love the Eurovision season, not only do we get a whole evening of music, but we learn new words in foreign languages and the ESC 'fandom' on Twitter (bleh, that word makes me cringe) is lovely and I love hearing everybody else's opinions on the songs. It was both a well deserved win for Sweden and an expected second-to-last for us (the UK), but I think a lot of us were pretending to be honorary svenskar that evening ;)

Yesterday was spent at my grandma's house. I was supposed to be revising but I made a friend...

Meet Barney, my cousins' dog :)

Tomorrow is my last psychology lesson, my last Spanish lesson where the whole class is there and my last Starbucks Tuesday with Jess (that last one is something that I'm particularly sad about). I don't really know how I feel about the end of college, but then I don't know how I'm supposed to feel either. There's no etiquette to follow unlike at the end of school. I don't think I'm going to be sad. When I left school there was a huge part of me that stayed there. I don't think the same will happen with college. It's time for a fresh start and it's time to find the person that has been forgotten about underneath all of the drama and despair. 

Having said all of that, underneath the surface I'm sure tomorrow will be a bittersweet day. I'll be sad about all of the 'lasts' that will pass me by as quickly as the last few weeks seem to have, but we have the lab party at lunchtime and I'm sure it will be a true celebration of friendships and our time at college because while we may have hated it (in parts), we're all still here. 

SOTD is Loreen - Sober (Acoustic). It's not her ESC-winning song, but it's beautiful anyway :) 


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