Sunday, 3 June 2012

college prom

Photo by Booth22

So, last night was our college prom. Sophie (the one in the cowboy hat... a moment that I really don't remember) and I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express and encountered many drunken men running up and down the corridors at 3:30am, but more on that later...

We arrived late afternoon and checked in. It was all pretty dull hanging around in the hotel waiting for Billie, Tommy (Billie's boyfriend, for those who I know who have no idea who he is) and Wallis to arrive but we distracted ourselves by listening to Spanish radio and giggling at the naff blue light in the bathroom. Small things...

Photo by Jess

Photo is mine :)

This was us upon arrival. The lovely girl in the polka dot dress is Wallis, Sophie is in navy, Tommy and Billie are in the background and I'm the one in red. We arrived and kind of had to hang around in the lobby for a while before we could go in and enjoy our free drinks :) I later encountered Aiden, and looking back it amuses me greatly that except for the hair, we look almost exactly the same as we did at high school prom. And yes, he really does have blue hair ;) 

Photo is also mine... I think

Whenever I think back over the past two years of college and all of the drama and problems, I always tend to end up viewing college as terrible, but this year has been significantly better than Y12 purely because of the friends I've made. In the above photo, I'm with Sophie, Billie  (this was pre-standing on a bench shouting "I'm Tinkerbell!") and Wallis :)

Photo by Booth22

After eating (soup followed by the vegetarian option, which also used the soup but this time as a sauce - was not impressed because it wasn't a nice soup anyway) we 'hit' the photo booth and also found Jess and Matt (pictured), who were both rather...merry?

Photo by Jess (sorry Wallis!)

Photo by me - venue was Royal Armouries Leeds in case anybody wondered

We ended up staying until about 12:45am ish when we went and sat in the hotel lobby with Wallis, Billie and Tommy while they waited for their taxi. Jess and Matt had long disappeared into Leeds and Sophie and I went back to our room where we listened to a Rhod Gilbert podcast and Jon Richardson's ''Gone Phishing''. Somehow, Sophie managed to fall asleep but I was kept awake by one obviously drunken Asian man who was running up and down the corridor and standing in front of our room having a loud phone conversation with somebody for about an hour. I'm not entirely convinced that he ever found his room, but the good news is that he probably took his noise to a different floor.

Photo by me

This was our sobering view at breakfast (although we were actually sober anyway...except possibly Matt...) I clearly didn't know what I was doing this morning because I decided that my coffee didn't need milk... And no, it wasn't all that pleasant but it did wake me up.

So, other than the random drunken Asian man and the soup fiasco (never going to be able to look at tomato soup in the same way again), all in all it was a good night and my quote of the entire thing comes from Matt, who announced the following while attempting to leave his hotel room for prom: "this is possibly the most gay that I've ever sounded, but I really need to moisturise". Oh, and their hotel room was booked under the name ''Mr Jessica Adlington'' ;)


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