Monday, 18 June 2012

seven things in seven days

Evening :)
Today I'm joining in with Louise's (AKA sprinkleofglitter) 7 things for 7 days. Since leaving college (PS: for my post about my college experience, it's the one that came before this [warning: it's long and quite miserable]) I've found that all I tend to do is sit in the house and do nothing and I've been completely and utterly lacking in motivation for this past week or so.

So, even though I initially read Louise's post and thought 'yeah, there's no point in attempting that because I won't get anywhere', I decided to join in and give it a go myself - after all, it's my only truly 'free' summer now before I go to university and have 'grown up things' to deal with and I'd like to be able to say I did something good with my summer of freedom.

So, here are my 7 things that I hope to accomplish in the next 7 days...

Learn - Since my geeky love is learning languages (and that's what I want to study at university), I really want to get back into my old routine of teaching myself Swedish. If you're reading that and thinking 'Swedish...really?' then your answer would be yes. Clearly I like a challenge.

Be helpful - Ages ago now it was decided that over the summer I'd help my grandma out with jobs she can't really do. She has a rather large garden that she can't keep up with anymore and it needs sorting out. Even if I don't actually do any of the jobs she has for me this week, I want to sort out when I'm going up and doing something.

Organise - You probably wouldn't believe the amount of paperwork currently hanging around in my bedroom (and indeed the house) from college. I have at least 10 files to organise (basically meaning sort through and then throw out) as well as drawers full of junk that needs organising too.

Finances - Being both a (sort of) student on a budget and somebody who owes her parents following a rather expensive college prom, I really need to sort out what I owe and what I have left, especially because...

Socialise - I want to at least make one plan with a friend (or friends) this week. Sitting in the house is irritating me no end, but I also miss my friends and most people are finishing exams soon so we'll all be free.

Presents - I really need to come up with the last part of Sophie's birthday present. I already have two little bits and one crafty thing that I'm going to make, but I need a bigger thing to complete it.

General admin - Sort out some sort of receipt storage system (woo!...), email somebody I have been meaning to email for a week now, sort out the memory on my phone, back up the files and documents etc on my laptop before it stops working altogether and try and organise my blog properly because there are things I want to blog about and I'm not entirely sure I have the confidence.

So, there are my seven things. If you feel like getting motivated too, hop on over to Louise's blog (I'll link it again, why not?) where everything is explained for you :)

Thanks for reading :)

R x


  1. I got my paperwork sorted about a month ago and I'm SOO happy! I bought new stationary to get it done and found so many great ideas on Pinterest :)

    1. Thanks for the comment! I got Pinterest a few months or so ago but I've never really used it, I might have to take a look :)