Monday, 25 June 2012

it's a lovely day

I don't even remember what I wrote about last time I did a general life post on here. Leaving college will do that to you, I've found. Days seem to blur into the one neverending day and a serious lack of money means a serious lack of socialising at the moment.

I've had an interesting week. Last Wednesday, my two cousins and I spent our afternoon diverting traffic. Yep. There was a fairly serious accident on the main road near their house/our grandma's house, and all of the traffic started going down their lane. When I say traffic, I'm not just meaning cars, but vans, lorries, coaches and buses too... including one double decker bus that got stuck and ended up parked in my cousins' front garden. To quote my cousin George, "I have a double decker peasant wagon stuck on my grass verge..." Not only did the bus have to reverse all the way down a queue of traffic (let me tell you, that was not a pleasant ten minutes for anybody in the queue), but a passenger had to get off the bus and walk down the main road behind the bus. I'm pretty sure that breaches quite a few health and safety rules about buses... We ended up standing on the main road diverting traffic for about an hour before police turned up. Oh, and we discovered that road rage must be hereditary.

I ran some errands on Friday afternoon and waited for my brother (it seems that I usually pick him up from school on a Friday if I pick him up at all). While we were walking back to the car (and discussing the fact that he hadn't done a great job of making macaroni cheese in Food Tech - I don't miss the days of pre-GCSE FT when we had no choice over our recipes) I ended up talking to one of my old teachers. We talked about what I plan on doing after college - which he already knew because, in the words of one pupil who was listening to us, "he knows EVERYTHING!" - and it was interesting seeing somebody else so enthusiastic about it all. It reminded me of uni open days and the crazy enthusiasm of my dad, who would spend our journeys going "you can go and live in Spain and then we can have free holidays and you can work for the UN", only thankfully it wasn't as crazy as conversations with my dad. Still, it was nice to catch up and cheered me up after a relatively dreary week (excluding the great traffic incident of 2012, of course).

Saturday was also Sophie's 18th... happy birthday Sophie :) I have virtually no photos to show you because I didn't know where anybody was for most of the night, but I gather that they all had fun so it's all good.
Oh, and I'm going to teach myself Croatian as well as Swedish, folks. You know, because teaching yourself a foreign language is so easy (if you missed the sarcasm there, it was intended). I meant to buy a folder for it all today, but the Olympic torch was in my city and after spending an hour hanging around outside Boots with four school kids blowing whistles and shouting "COME ON TREVOR!", I couldn't really be bothered. [If you want to see some footage of the official Coca Cola bus getting stuck and having to reverse back down a narrow street (theme of the week, much...) then click here] The good news is that I already can swear (kopile, Google translate it), say waterfall (slap) and say red pepper (crvena paprika) in Croatian, so I'm pretty much set. I do know other words, but they're not as interesting.

And, just for good measure, why not throw in a photo of me being attacked by Dusty the rabbit? I think it's actually kind of cute. And animals are much better than people - I even made friends with a cat in the garden centre on Sunday, and cats never like me.
SOTD is Keane's Snowed Under. I'm not going to lie, I heard it for the first time today and it was the backing track to something with Jon Richardson in it. I'm not claiming to have a good taste in music, OK...?

Buenas noches,


PS: Happy birthday to S, my blog/Tumblr/email friend. I'm calling you S because you have the same name as somebody I already mentioned and it could be confusing, plus I called you S once before so it kind of makes sense. Have an awesome day :) x

PPS: Happy belated birthday to Rachel, my long-time name twin/best friend/crazy person whose birthday was yesterday. I shall watch our short-lived TV show (Rachel 'n' Rachel in the Morning, in case anybody was wondering) in celebration since we couldn't celebrate together (yet!) :) x

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