Saturday, 10 November 2012

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1. I bought 5 mini buckets in Hobbycraft because I thought they were 'cute'. If anybody can cure me of my shopping issues then please comment below...

2. I dug out my 'Croatia' ring for the first time in probably a year these past two weeks. I made it after I got back from Croatia and had coins that couldn't be changed back into British currency. Here's a little fact: that coin has climbed a mountain/kayaked on the Adriatic Sea/kayaked on Croatian rivers with me.

3. Sophie's annual bonfire party last Saturday was...interesting. This is what happens when your friend has a dad who works somewhere with huge cardboard cut outs of Robbie Savage.  

4. Lyrics from Timmy the Dog's (Tim Minchin) 'Happy Boy', which always come into my head when I'm having a rough time (see the post before last).

5. In the midst of my mid-week semi-nervous breakdown, I went for a nighttime drive and ended up drinking an awful hot chocolate in the car park of my closest McDonald's... and then the car wouldn't start and my parents had to come. The darkest hour is just before the dawn, and all that.

6. One of the many advantages of being close to someone who works in a department store is that they earn beauty points when they buy products... and they accumulate to the point where, in my case, you end up with a free Chanel lipstick. As Charlie Sheen would say, winning.

7. I spent an hour and a half sitting in a Starbucks in Leeds on Thursday afternoon while I had time to kill between Icelandic ending and meeting the Spanishy  (yes, that is a word... or at least to me it is) people for tapas. There are few places as welcoming as a cosy coffee shop.

8. My second city is beautiful at night, especially when the German market is there.

9. After finishing our tapas, we ended up watching the Christmas lights switch on ceremony thingy, where we witnessed fireworks, Tyler James, some guy from Calendar news and a terrible band from Britain's Got Talent.

10. Miss Dusty has been particularly affectionate and excitable recently. If only humans behaved like animals, life would be much more simple...

11. Miss Dusty also likes posing, as is evident in this shot where I think she probably spotted a tiny rabbit (aka her reflection, she's done it before) on my screen and thought ''ooh''.

12. I took my hair down today and it was unexpectedly wavy. I'm also wearing my freebie Chanel lipstick and clearly I felt quite vein.

SOTD is my attempt to claw back something summery, and nothing says 'summery' quite like something Hawaiian.

Aloha nui loa,


P.S. Don't you just love the real meaning of 'aloha'? If you don't, read this and then you probably will...

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