Monday, 27 August 2012

what next?

Hi guys :) Apologies for the absence. My laptop died on me and I ended up taking it for repair. Almost two weeks ago (and that has passed ridiculously quickly, can time just slow down a bit please?) it was A-Level results day. I got A*/A/B/B (English Language, Psychology, Spanish, Extended Project) and got into my firm choice of university :)

Results day itself was actually really lovely. It was so nice to see everybody again and see all of my friends get into their firm choices too. It helped that my friend Sophie sent me a text saying "TRACK IS UP!!!!!!!!" prior to 8am (which is the time UCAS gave us) so I already knew I had my place before actually knowing my results.

So what am I doing now? Well, I'm frequenting the fresher groups for my university on Facebook and hunting down potential 'coursemates'. I met one on my Linguastars residential last year (hurrah for awkward scenarios in which two people are forced to 'bond' while creating a play in a foreign language) and I 'know' one from Twitter (also hurrah for people who will proudly proclaim their love for ESC).

I'm also hamster sitting for my cousin (who is in fair)...

Truthfully, that really is it at the moment. I'm just starting to make preparations for starting university (my first meeting is the day before my birthday, and the second is the day after...well avoided) and commuting every day (booo!)

If you received A2/AS/GCSE results this summer, I hope you all did well :)

SOTD is Camila's 'Mientes' because it's beautiful and also the source of my blog's title

Hasta luego!



  1. Hi there :) I saw a while a go that you started following my blog so I thought I'd pass by and say "thanks for following", but then I started reading your blog and really liked it so I started following you too, but I only got to comment until today. So yeah...Hi. It's just so nice to meet someone else who studies linguistics and likes eurovision!!!!
    Cute hamster btw :3

    1. Hi Annika! Thank you so much for your comment :) And yes, it's definitely always good to find other Eurovision fans (and linguistics too, of course) :P

      Rachel x