Monday, 15 October 2012


So, it's been a while since I last posted. I started university a month ago and I only have the time to write today because I've had to take the day off ill. I don't know if it's 'freshers' flu' or just 'flu' but I feel like rubbish and I've almost completely lost my voice... Not the best thing to happen when you have two assignments due in within the next week... But never mind.

I've been intending to do this post for a while now, but I wanted to wait until I felt that I could write it honestly and have enough to say.

I started uni on the 17th and had a week of intro meetings before actual lectures started on the 24th. I'm only in 4 days a week, with 6 hours straight on a Monday (and if you're thinking ''that's awful!" I've heard it all before), 1 hour on a Tuesday and Wednesday and 4 hours on a Thursday. I didn't move out, so my commute takes about an hour and a half. Whenever I tell people this they look at me like I'm mad but I honestly couldn't have coped with moving out so I'm happy with the commute and I actually don't mind it that much at all.

My degree is joint honours BA Spanish and Linguistics, and because at my university you get spare credits to choose electives from any department, I also have modules in Beginner's Modern Hebrew and Icelandic Language and Culture. So far, I'm enjoying my course although the workload is a bit difficult to manage when so much is supposed to be done at home. On a Monday when I have 6 hours straight of lectures, I get home at 7pm and it's just impossible to then dedicate time to doing more work. I still don't regret choosing to stay at home, though. I am also looking forward to reading week, ha!

Socially, university is miles ahead of college. It's actually nice being able to leave my house, go to uni and come home without seeing people who know much about me. I was worried that I'd struggle with the social aspect of it, and not moving out certainly made me feel a little more lonely in the first two weeks when everybody else seemed to know people and I didn't.

I think since starting university I've learnt a lot, but I think the quote above is true. It's easy to feel judged and to judge other people in the first few weeks of something new, but it's also important to remember that everybody else is feeling the same way and while you're worrying about people not liking you or finding you weird, everybody else will be too.

I'm aware this is getting a little long, so I'll wrap things up now. Overall, I really think I've started to settle in and enjoy it. I've got through almost a month without hating anything, being upset or wanting to leave, so already it's going better than college did.

If you started university this September too, I hope it's going well for you all too :)

Thanks for reading,

R x

P.S. Do you like the new design? ;)

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